VehicleST Smart Services

VST Software Solutions

ERP Module

Enables information of each vehicle conditions based on locations such as battery, tracking, charging of devices, service alerts, coolant status, feedback, vehicle usage timings, human resource, tracking of vehicles, customisation of users functions, advertisement publishing, accounts of transactions, payouts, banking reconciliations module

Customer Advertisement Panel

This enables customer to get the tracking of advertisement display per vehicle, change or publish new art work

Call Lef & C Panel for Fleet Operators

Get enquiry, Bids, customer complaints, submitting offers, tracking fleet, enrolling new vehicles, Feedback under their brand

Police Control Room

Emergency alerts are attend with like tracking of vehicle with image report Data can processed for Traffic alerts

Fleet Service / Vehicle Dealer Panel

Enables customised information of vehicle like service alerts, fuel, vehicle condition- OIL, BATTERY, RPM, Valve Positions, service alerts

Admin console

Main Modules
  • Company Master (Admin can create/update/delete companies)

  • Package Master (Facility to Add/delete new Recharge packages)

  • Employee Master

  • Vehicle Master (Facility to add new vehicles into the system)

  • Location Master (Add/delete locations to the system)

  • Route Master (Configure routes with boarding locations)

  • User Manster (Add / delete user accounts)

Trip Management Module
  • Current Schedules (List current schedules with respect to each vehicle with status, Have the privilege to activate any scheduled trip if it cancelled on the same day. And also admin can track vehicle movement on each schedule.)

  • Route Schedules (configure vehicle schedules with routes)

  • Off Day Trip (Have the privilege to cancell all scheduled trip on future date)

  • Trip History (Planned and actual schedules with trip history on each vehicle)

  • Recharge Log

  • Recharge Summary

  • Point Usage Log

  • Point Usage Summary

  • Point Expire Log